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  • is a pure mediation platform
  • automatically mediates payments between participants,
  • and does not charge any fees.
  • you only pay once out of your own pocket.
Alleinerziehende Mütter / Väter

Single mothers / fathers

No time, many worries and hardly any money left at the end of the month?

Who doesn't know that! Children have so many wishes and you want to offer your children a lot. But where do you get the money to fulfill these wishes?

As a single parent you have now found the answer with Happy-Donation. Here your wishes can come true.


Family life is often neglected due to financial bottlenecks. Usually the money is not enough for the renovation, the vacation, the new car, the education of the children or there is too little for everyone to eat.

Here Happy-Donation helps in an uncomplicated way - through payments from members to you! Happy-Donation has made it its mission to fight poverty. So that families can live a family life again.

Junge Leute mit Träumen

Young people with dreams

Soon 18 years old! Finally! Dreams of a driving licence, your own car, a trip or perhaps your first own apartment. Unfortunately, this is hardly possible without the support of the parents.

Here Happy-Donation offers you the ingenious opportunity to realize your dreams!

Supplement to retirement pension

35 years, 40 years or even longer? And now what? You want to finally have time for the things that have been lost in your daily work.

But the monthly pension is much lower. Here you can find the alternative to the minijob and to improve your pension: Happy-Donation!

Aufstockung zur Rente
WinWin Situation

WinWin situation

Happy-Donation offers a WinWin situation for everyone. You can help humanitarian. One can use many advantages by the membership.

You will improve your financial situation. You can enjoy life more, afford more holidays and have more free time.

Helping people worldwide

You will also become a member of Happy-Donation so that you can help people around the world lead a better life. People help people and it should be the goal of all members that every person in the world has a warm meal once a day and can drink clean water.

Here Happy-Donation offers the possibility to help others and thus also oneself.

Menschen weltweit helfen

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